The Caroline Werner Gannett Project 2007-08
Ze Frank

Elizabeth Streb

Award-winning artistic director of Streb Extreme Dance Company


“The Limitless Imagination of the Muscles & the Bones: Action in Time & Space”

When: 7:00 p.m, Monday, January 7, 2008
Where: Carlson Auditorium (bldg #76)


Dancer and choreographer for the past thirty years, MacArthur fellow Elizabeth Streb is inspired by velocity, gravity, impact and danger. She appropriately calls her Brooklyn studio "S.L.A.M."--Streb Laboratory for Action Mechanics--where her nine dancer-athletes, "action engineers," push through to create new images of freedom within limits. Elizabeth Streb's trademark risky choreography combines the visceral impact of extreme sports with the poetry and split-second timing of dance, opening new frontiers of daring and beauty against the powerful force of gravity.