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Mark Frauenfelder & Carla Sinclair

Mark Frauenfelder & Carla Sinclair

Authors, journalists, webloggers, new media magnates; Mark co-founded Boing Boing & Make magazine; Carla is “Net Chick,” & edits Craft magazine


“The Happy Mutant's Guide to the Modern Maker Movement.”

When: Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.
Where: Webb Auditorium
(James E. Booth Memorial Building - 7A)

Workshop (jointly with the RIT Make Club)

When: Friday, March 27, 2009 at 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m.
Where: Carlson Auditorium
(Building 76, Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science)

Frauenfelder & Sinclair talk photos People are rediscovering the lost arts of making and crafting things. What did our culture lose when we stopped making things for fun and why did we ever stop in the first place? Why is it so rewarding to use your hands? Who wants to be a consumer when you can also be a producer? Get ready to be inspired when Mark and Carla present “The Happy Mutant's Guide to the Modern Maker Movement.”

Perhaps best known for founding the Boing Boing blog, author and illustrator Mark Frauenfelder originally published a small print magazine with his wife, Carla Sinclair, called bOING bOING. Combining pop culture and fun with technology, each publication is typical of the duo's zany wit and styled sharpness. Frauenfelder's writing is in sync with the pulse of technological growth and new-media-enhanced social dynamics. Seth Godin, author of Small is the New Big has stated that, “Frauenfelder doesn't just live on the cutting edge…he is the cutting edge.”

In addition to the original print version of Boing Boing, Frauenfelder has published several books including The Happy Mutant Handbook, a guide to offbeat pop culture; Mad Professor, a book of bizarre science experiments for kids; World's Worst, a guide to the worst stuff on Earth; The Computer, an illustrated history of computers; and Rule the Web, a guide to online tricks and tips.

Sinclair edited The Happy Mutant Handbook, bOING bOING, and is the current editor-in-chief of Craft Magazine. She has published several books, including Net Chick and Signal to Noise.

Mark Frauenfelder has written for numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, the MIT Technology Review, SmallTimes, the Industry Standard,and Wired Magazine. He is a contributing editor to TheFeature and is a design columnist for Mobile PC magazine. He was an editor at Wired from 1993-1998 and is currently the editor-in-chief of Make magazine.

Mark holds a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in the disk drive industry in the 1980s.

Links: The Happy Mutant Handbook  THE MAD PROFESSOR  Rule the Web: How To Do Anything and Everything on the Internet -- Better, Faster, Easier