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Nick Gurewitch and Chris Onstad

Nick Gurewitch and Chris Onstad

Giants of independent webcomics; creators of Eisner award-winning "Perry Bible Fellowship" and "Achewood"


“Internet Famous: Comic Time with Nick and Chris”

When: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 8:00PM
Where: Webb Auditorium (James E. Booth Memorial Building 7A)

Talk Description:
Both of these creators are giants in the ever-emerging field of independent webcomics. Their years of hard work, unique talent, and successful publication give them a inside look at one of the hottest art scenes today. Constantly progressing, they represent a new era of artist whose work crosses many demographics and disciplines.

In a lively, on-stage dialogue, Nick and Chris will explore how and why their work has been so successful, and present a special program sure to be as entertaining as it is hilarious.

About Nicholas Gurewitch & Perry Bible Fellowship:
Nick Gurewitch studied film and theory at Syracuse University where his strip The Perry Bible Fellowship first appeared in the student paper The Daily Orange. Since then, The Perry Bible Fellowship has gone on to be featured in such prestigious papers as The Guardian. Gurewitch received the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic in 2005 and 2006, as well as an Eisner Award in 2008. This spring Dark Horse proudly released The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanac, a complete collection of the now-finished work.

The Perry Bible Fellowship is an Eisner-winning comic strip drawn by Nick Gurewitch. It was once published on a weekly basis for publications like the UK Guardian and the Baltimore City paper. In February of 2008, Nick stopped doing it weekly so he could do other things. He hasn’t made one in a while, but he might soon.

About Chris Onstad & Achewood:
Chris Onstad was an editor and illustrator for the Stanford Chaparral before creating the successful online comic strip Achewood. Achewood has appeared in publications such a GQ and Time, which named it the Number One Graphic Novel of 2007 despite only appearing on the web at the time. Onstad has received the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic in 2007 and 2008. Dark Horse Comics was proud to publish The Great Outdoor Fight in 2008 and plans to release Worst Song, Play this fall.

“Achewood,” like wormwood, was used by antebellum slaves in the production of “achewater,” a long-since outmoded and outlawed Southern beverage. Drinkers of achewater experienced hallucinations and euphoria, but the after-effects of the liquor produced a deep and lasting melancholy (hence its name). Modern science has confirmed that achewood oil, the active ingredient in achewater, is a powerful depressant which causes irreversible neurological damage. Achwater is generally thought to have inspired many Southern folk songs and fables, such as “The Story of Poor John Ritch,” “Sullivan’s Bear and Dried Bird,” and “I’m Following a Little Round Lord.”

Chris Onstad:

Nick Gurewitch:

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