The Caroline Werner Gannett Project 2007-08

The Caroline Werner Gannett Project

Core Working Group

Mary Lynn Broe
Gannett Professor and Chair, Advisory Board, English, COLA

Susan Lakin
Professor, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, CIAS

Paul Tymann
Professor and Chair of Computer Science, GCCIS

Linda Rubel
Professor, NTID, COLA

Martha Morgan
Assistant Professor of Anthropology COLA

Gary Skuse
Interim Head, School of Biological and Medical Sciences;
Professor of Biological Sciences

Christopher Tomkins-Tinch
Student, Bioinformatics, COS; President, Make Club

National Consultants

Heather McHugh


Roberley Bell
Foundations, Studio and Art History, CIAS

Bleu Cease
Executive Director / Curator, Rochester Contemporary Art Center,

Robert Clark
former Dean, COS (ex officio)

Aaron Cripps
2005 RIT Alumnus, School of Film and Animation, CIAS

Rebecca Edwards
History, COLA and President, Rochester Historical Society

Peter Gabak
Al Sigl Center; CIAS

Joe Flaherty
Executive Director, Writers & Books

Therese Hannigan
New Media Design; President and Creative Director, Dumbwaiter Design

Vincent F. A. Golphin
English, COLA

Peter Hauser
Research and Teacher Education, NTID and Director, Deaf Studies Laboratory

Ron Jodoin
Professor, Physics, COS

Christine Keiner
Science, Technology & Society, COLA

Peter Lazarski
2005 RIT Alumnus, Graphic Design, CIAS

Catharine Mahrt-Washington
Assistant Dean and Honors Advocate, COS

Joni Monroe
Executive Director, RRCDC (Rochester Regional Community Design Center)

James Myers, Director
Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, CAST

Katherine Schumacher
ret. Writing Director, Community Liaison

Marjorie Searl
Chief Curator and Curator, American Art, Memorial Art Gallery

V. Annie Wroblewski
Gannett Photographer

Designer and Graphic Artist

Matt DeTurck

Student Assistant

Chandni Bhowmik
MS Student, GCCIS